Electric muscle stimulator | Modle:HL-871

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Principle:it adopted the newest exploitation of lifting pressure and lower current double alternated wave theory, it offers 10 pre-established programs to stimulate acu-point and muscle and achieve the purpose of breast enhancement, loose weight and slimming. 1).Lose weight: ten days as a period of treatment and can...

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it adopted the newest exploitation of lifting pressure and lower current double alternated wave theory, it offers 10 pre-established programs to stimulate acu-point and muscle and achieve the purpose of breast enhancement, loose weight and slimming.
1).Lose weight: ten days as a period of treatment and can lose 1-8kgs
2).Slim the body: ten days as a period of treatment and the waistline can shorten 2- 9centimetres
3).Enhance the breast twenty days as a period of treatment and the breast can be enhanced 1-3 centimetres

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  • Specifications
    1 Maximum Power :100 W
    2 Infrared electrode line 12 pcs
    3 Accessaries bracket 1 piece
    4 Electric current 3A
    5 Far Infrared ray 760NM
    6 Material of machine :ABS
    7 Intensity 0-7 level
    8 Infrared pads 22 pcs
    9 infrared ray machine Display button controlled
    10 Breast enhancing pads :1 pair
    11 Contraction bandage: 1 bag/10 pcs
    12 Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    13 Output power 100W
    14 Dimension 88*50*100cm
    15 Weight 25KG
    16 Voltage AC 100V-120V/200V-240V/50Hz/60Hz

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