Beauty meter is the difference between hundreds and thousands

The difference between hundreds and thousands of beauty equipment is mainly the function of the beauty equipment. Several hundred dollars of beauty equipment function is relatively small, and the scope of treatment is less, a few days of function is more, the scope of treatment includes a wide range, but in the purchase of beauty equipment, we must choose the formal channel to buy. Usually do a good job of skin care.

One, how about the effect of youth decoding beauty instrument?

The effect of youth decoding beauty instrument is good. Youth decode instrument principle is the use of iontophoresis and infrared guidance, work together in the skin, can timely provide nutrition for skin, improve dry and sensitive skin, for the aging of the skin can also improve the effect, make the skin become more younger, increase the patient’s overall aesthetic. After finishing can not take anticoagulant drugs, otherwise it will cause local bleeding.

Two, RF beauty instrument into the effect of water?

The effect of introducing water into the RF beauty instrument is not particularly good. This is a kind of ultrasonic principle instrument, which can play an efficient facial cleaning and massage effect mainly through the method of washing face and brushing fine hairs, so as to play a beauty role. Commonly used for sagging and aging skin, skin can stimulate elastin proliferation and collagen, also can remove wrinkles on the face, promote cell growth and repair. Do after the need to use more facial mask for skin hydration.

To sum up: Most of the difference between hundreds and thousands of beauty instruments is that the function and effect of beauty instruments will be different. Cheap beauty instrument may have fewer functions, can play a certain role in moisturizing the skin, properly promote subcutaneous blood circulation, may not achieve the improvement of the skin, if the improvement is not particularly satisfied with the effect, can use water needle injection, make the skin recover to water, become elastic. After injection of water light needle, short time should not eat spicy food.

Post time: Nov-14-2022
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