Do you know all this knowledge about instrument beauty?

Instrument beauty is already very familiar to us. We don’t have two or three beauty instruments in our hands, so we are embarrassed to say that I also use beauty instruments. Everyone has different opinions about instrument beauty. Some people think that instrument beauty can help people become younger. , is a good thing, some people don’t think so, they feel that their skin needs to be maintained by expensive cosmetics, then today Xiaobian seems to talk to you about some knowledge about instrument beauty, and see if you know it ?

The transformation from traditional beauty techniques has gradually entered the era of instrument beauty. Will you sigh at the power of technology, especially in the current beauty salons, where beauty instruments have replaced beauty techniques. The effect of beauty instruments is more obvious, and the energy of the instruments Evenly, it can better let beauticians get started, and avoid the reason why beauty salons worry about the loss of beauticians. In recent years, the number of beauty salons has increased, and there have been more and more various beauty instruments, and some specialized terms have also made people “prohibited”. Like some, Thermage, Nano Non-Invasive, Water-Photon Rejuvenation, Radio Frequency, Negative Pressure, IPL Skin Lifting, E-Light Skin Lifting… I don’t know which one is suitable for me with the technical terms of various beauty instruments.

Let’s take a look at the radio frequency beauty equipment that beauty salons often say, the role of radio frequency: radio frequency can rapidly heat the tissue, and when a certain temperature is reached, the collagen fibers in the heated area shrink, which is why we see immediate lifting. If the temperature is slightly higher, the collagen in the heated area will coagulate, which is a kind of damage. This kind of damage can stimulate the self-healing mechanism of the skin, so as to achieve the growth of collagen again, and achieve the purpose of lifting the skin for a long time.

Post time: Apr-01-2022
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