E-light beauty equipment

Targeted clinical changes

Targeted clinical symptoms (1):

Spots: freckles, freckle-like nevus (spots), pigmentation after spot-like inflammation, small spot-like seborrheic keratosis (age spots), some spot-like melasma (pregnancy spots, dermal spots, liver spots, pregnancy spots) , Butterfly spot);

Targeted clinical lesions (two):

Improve skin texture (non-exfoliative skin reconstruction)

Targeted clinical lesions (3):

Vascular lesions: red blood streaks (simple telangiectasia), rosacea, partial port wine stains, chest and face flushing (HONKON’s IPL operation is particularly effective for such skin problems), varicose veins of the lower limbs with a diameter of <3mm

Targeted clinical lesions (4):

Acne: Grade I: Mainly acne, a few papules, abscesses, and the total number of skin lesions is less than 30.

   Grade II: acne and moderate papules, abscesses, and the total number of skin lesions is 31-50.

Targeted clinical lesions (5):

Hair removal

(1) Operating skills for spot picking:

1) IPL is mainly used for spot-like endogenous pigmentation of the epidermis;

2) The three of IPL operation stains can never be forgotten;

3) HONKON’s IPL provides three types of operating tools for spot areas: 8mm×40mm, 15mm×60mm, and 10mm×10mm, which are used for targeted local tissue operations, large-area whole body spot removal and targeted operations. In order to give more care to patients, we suggest that doctors should prepare the above 3 types of IPL hand tools;

4) It is strictly forbidden to use IPL to manipulate any exogenous spot-like pigments;

5) We oppose the use of IPL to manipulate melasma;

6) We sincerely recommend that doctors use OPT technology IPL equipment, so that the clinical operation is better, the effect is more prominent, and the complications are greatly reduced;

7) When taking the spot, we recommend that the number of pulses used by the doctor should not exceed 3, and the first pulse width and sub-pulse width should be as narrow as possible, the pulse interval should be as short as possible, and the energy should be adjusted higher;

8) We are opposed to doctors using foolish IPL, that is, doctors only need to select a few levels of energy. The operation is simple, but at the same time the effect is difficult to appear or serious side effects occur, because everyone has different skin thickness and different operating parts , The skin color is different, the operation pathological change is different, so whether a device can provide parameter adjustment is very important;

9) Doctors can choose local anesthetics recommended by HONKON before surgery;

10) After the operation, cooperate with the active high-concentration essence to rejuvenate the skin and the high-concentration semen, balance the whitening and high-concentration essence, which is very helpful to suppress the postoperative coloration;

11) Use skin-improving cream after surgery to avoid skin burns.

Post time: Apr-19-2021
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