Facial red light beauty instrument

 For beauty salons, the facial red light beauty instrument can best be used by the beauty salon during the operation of facial beauty, while for the beauty salon, the facial red light beauty device can best bring the face to the beauty salon when it is selected. The effect of beauty!
The red light beauty instrument stimulates collagen production by damaging the skin within a controllable range, that is, first damage and then recover. Relatively speaking, the requirements for the original skin health conditions will be higher, such as sharp skin, acne skin, and mild skin. Still need to be used with caution.
LED beauty devices use light in a specific wavelength range. These specific wavelengths of light can penetrate into the skin layer and improve organizational activities. It is a relatively good type of beauty device in the beauty industry, and it is relatively unlikely to cause bad effects. reaction.
LED beauty devices are usually more convenient and gentler, so you don’t need to pick your skin, you can also use it if you have sensitive skin, damaged barriers, or acne muscles.
Different wavelengths of visible light and infrared have different effects on the skin:
Red light can stimulate the growth of fibroblasts, increase collagen cells, help wound recovery, and slow down inflammation. In theory, it is also helpful for maintaining stability during the acute season.
Yellow light can carry out cell growth and ATP production, and the combination of red light and yellow light can improve wrinkles.
Blue light has a controlling effect on bacilli. A large number of studies have proved that blue light is more effective in treating acne and operating acne. Therefore, many treatments for acne mainly rely on blue light or a combination of red and blue light.
Studies have shown that after 8-15 minutes of 8-15 minutes, 420nm wavelength blue light operation, the inflammatory skin lesions are reduced by 59-67%.
Facial skin is relatively loose, and blood circulation is not good. You can choose one with a lifting and tightening effect, such as a micro-current type.
If the skin is prone to oily acne, you can choose a beauty instrument with ion export effect to help clean it.

Post time: Jun-07-2021
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