How effective is the magic bubble skin management device?

For beauty, it has always been a concern of many people. Now many people are pursuing Japanese skin management, a skin management called “Magic Bubble Rejuvenation”. This skin management method is also very popular in beauty salons. , Magic Bubble is to clean the deep skin through the principle of active oxygen physics and chemistry. How effective is the Japanese Magic Bubble Skin Management Device for beauty salons?

Magic bubble can produce low concentration of ozone, providing long-term ozone-containing foam, ozone and the matching soap will produce rich foam. The ozone-containing foam has the function of improving the skin condition, and the thick foam has the effect of cleansing pores and dirt. In addition, improve the lymphatic and blood circulation of the face, as well as the effect of the small face, adjust the skin color! Can have a firming effect.

The principle of Japanese magic oxygen bubble:

Japanese-style skin management Japanese magic oxygen bubble principle ozone, oxygen discharge and negative electrons, stable oxygen reacts with a negative electron to emit gas, ozone has an effect, anti-inflammatory, whitening, removing dirt, cell activation, detoxification, etc. The effect, fully restore skin oxygen.

The function and effect of the Japanese magic bubble skin management instrument:

     1. Deep cleansing, replenishing water and oxygen;

     2. Activating cells, anti-inflammatory and sterilizing;

     3. Remove heavy metals and cosmetic residues;

     4. Improve acne marks;

     5. Whitening and beautiful skin;

     6. Reduce melanin production;

     7. Promote the production of skin collagen*.

Post time: Sep-30-2021
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