How much is a 808 laser hair removal device?

Today I want to ask you a question: Have you ever encountered the moment when you wanted to dig a hole to hide?

I encountered it yesterday. I was originally dressed beautifully and wanted to be a refined urban beauty, but after walking around, I found that the neckline of the dress was too big and the inner shoulder strap was always exposed!

Harm, who is this embarrassment for me.

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Exposed shoulder straps of the shirt

In this summer of suspenders, one-shoulder and halter outfits, I didn’t choose a good jacket. It really became embarrassing every minute. I was a bloody example~

It is recommended that you can prepare two more strapless blouses, beautiful back blouses and so on, and choose the lining according to different clothes.

Sweat smell

Speaking of the world odor list, the top ten must include sweat, body odor and foot odor. Especially in summer, it is almost impossible to guard against…

Listen to me, girls don’t have to be stunning, but they must be clean and tidy! ! !

In my opinion, a good evaluation of a girl is; clean!

If you want to have a clean manner and a clean temperament, the very basic point is to clean up your personal hygiene first. Promise me, okay? (Humble)

Exuberant hair

Imagine walking on the road in a beautiful little skirt. While the breeze blows up the skirt, the hairs on the hands and legs start to be messy in the wind.

What you see in the sun is not foam, but; fur;

I think many beautiful girls will have; body hair is too strong; this trouble, right? (For example, me, a perennial wool pants contestant)

Wearing a small skirt in summer, revealing the hairs of the legs fluttering in the wind, at that moment I always feel like a man.

When chatting with others, he dared not put his arm on the table at all, for fear that others would stare at his arm.

If you have a companion, the sudden act of intimacy makes yourself cringe, for fear that the other person will suddenly say: Why is your hand stabbing?

So the two words depilation can’t be escaped!

However, I really don’t recommend hair removal knives, beeswax, etc., as they will cause a lot of damage to the hair follicles. It is too expensive for many people to do laser, and it has to be removed many times.

Post time: May-10-2021
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