How to clean and maintain beauty equipment

Beauty equipment is currently in relatively popular use, and every beauty salon has various styles of beauty equipment. Some people with better conditions also have home beauty equipment, and the role of beauty equipment is also more obvious, usually able to achieve that kind of whitening effect. However, although the beauty equipment is more convenient to use, there are still some points that need to be paid attention to when maintaining it. How to clean and maintain beauty equipment? Let me introduce you to the editor of Guangzhou Meilaibao.

How to clean and maintain beauty equipment?

First of all, beauty equipment belongs to electronic products. Therefore, like most electronic products, it cannot be wiped with water when cleaning, it must be dry wiped. If you have a professional cotton pad, use a professional cotton pad. If you don’t have one, you can also use a paper towel. You must keep in mind that when cleaning the beauty equipment, you should avoid the body touching water.

In addition to cleaning beauty equipment, it is also very important to maintain beauty equipment. Beauty equipment should not be placed in damp, direct sunlight to avoid accidental damage. The surface of the beauty equipment should be kept clean, and it is best to cover it with a cloth frequently to prevent dust. The probes of the instrument should also be maintained frequently, and parts such as probes, patches, shovel heads, electrode packs, etc. must be cleaned once a week. Also pay attention to reading the instruction manual of beauty equipment, such as probes, patches, shovel heads, etc. must not come into contact with oily or corrosive cosmetics.

The editor about how to clean and maintain the beauty equipment is introduced here. In fact, in addition to these special maintenance, some more detailed maintenance is also to be done. For example, when operating the beauty equipment, the nails should not be too long, and the power should be turned off after the operation, so as to prevent the beauty equipment from directly drying out, which will directly shorten the life of the equipment.

Post time: Aug-02-2022
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