If you want to have good skin, you need a small bubble cleanser

Nowadays, people face the computer for a long time, which is easy to cause skin problems such as enlarged pores, blackheads and pigmentation. If you want to have good skin, you need a small bubble cleanser. Next, I will introduce to you in detail:

The small bubble cleansing instrument is mainly used for the cleaning of closed acne and mites. The combination of small bubbles and adsorption can open the funnel of the hair follicle without pain, remove the metabolic waste of skin keratin, and provide the skin with sufficient and Nutrients make the skin stratum corneum moist and shiny, so that skin management and other items can be carried out well.

The ultra-fine bubbles of the micro-bubble cleansing instrument integrates the technologies of small bubbles, iontophoresis, and freezing point radio waves. This ultra-micro bubble instrument has the advantages of negative ions, high oxygen content, nanometer height, deep cleaning, ultrasonic energy and other advantages to meet the needs of beauty salons.

Has successfully developed and produced radio frequency beauty equipment, ultrasonic beauty equipment, laser beauty equipment, beauty slimming equipment, beauty slimming equipment, water-light beauty equipment, anti-aging ultrasonic knife beauty equipment and various high-end beauty and body equipment and other professional beauty equipment, Widely used in hospital dermatology, plastic surgery and other beauty and body institutions

Post time: Dec-26-2022
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