IPL skin treatment

IPL skin treatment after treatment:
IPL skin treatment is recommended to be treated every 3-4 weeks. After obtaining the desired effect, the number of times can be reduced appropriately. The photoreaction treatment has a slight postoperative reaction and only lasts for several hours, so it generally does not affect normal work and life. Another thing to note is that you should also pay attention to the following items after IPL skin rejuvenation treatment:
1. Avoid cleaning with hot water within a few days after IPL skin treatment, but use cold water to clean the skin, pay attention to cleaning and protection.
2. Try not to put on makeup for a few days after treatment. Apply a little skin care product.
3. Try to avoid direct sunlight, go out wearing a sun hat, sun umbrella, and external sunscreen products. Use a product with high safety and good sun protection: it is best to choose sunscreen with a sun protection index greater than 30.
4. IPL skin treatment should not be too frequent, especially in summer, long sunshine hours, hot climate, not suitable for frequent treatment.

Preparation before IPL skin treatment:
1. One week before IPL skin treatment, you can’t do beauty projects such as laser, skin grinding, and acid peeling.
2. If you have been exposed to IPL skin treatment in the near future, you should explain it to your doctor before treatment.
3. Clean the face before treatment, and do not leave any cosmetics.

IPL skin treatment should pay attention to the type of skin:
1. Type of skin lesions. Different types of lesions also require different treatment parameters, such as freckles, chloasma and other pigmentation problems, and treatment options for inflammatory skin problems such as acne, so it is necessary to adjust the appropriate treatment.
2. Skin lesion depth. The skin of the human body is divided into the epidermis layer and the dermis layer as well as the subcutaneous tissue. In general, the IPL skin treatment depth is in the epidermis layer and the dermis layer. In order to achieve the best therapeutic effect, it is necessary to determine the appropriate treatment depth. When choosing photorejuvenation, in addition to considering the above factors, it is necessary to think of a group of people such as pregnant women and photosensitive skin patients. These people may cause other adverse reactions during the treatment, so they must pay special attention.
3. Skin type. Different skin types have different responses to IPL skin treatment, so it is necessary to adjust the treatment plan appropriately to avoid other damage to the skin.

Post time: Aug-07-2019
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