Is depigmentation possible after laser hair removal?

1. Depigmentation: Postoperative infection and softening of the scar may eventually cause depigmentation.

2. Pigmentation: After the skin is damaged, there will be a change in color. It is pink when the scab is removed, gradually transitions to dark brown, and finally fades to be consistent with the surrounding skin.

3. Eczema with sebaceous gland deficiency: The sebaceous glands are located near the hair shaft, and the duct orifice is located below the pores. It is easy to cause pore occlusion and sebaceous gland damage during hair removal.

4. Skin thermal damage: The epidermis is burned by not inserting the hair removal needle correctly to keep the insulating part away from the skin or by pressing the switch too early during the needle insertion process.

5. Local redness and swelling: It is mainly a specific reaction caused by tissue thermal vaporization, and it may also be a manifestation of infection.

6. Internal bleeding: Poor preoperative examination, certain blood diseases, or rough operation of needle tip bending, and vigorous postoperative activities can cause internal bleeding.

7. Folliculitis: It can be caused by improper preoperative hair removal needle and skin disinfection, postoperative content retention and pore occlusion.

8. Buried hair: The hair follicle is not completely destroyed, and the pores are closed, so the regenerated mutated hair cannot pass through the pores normally and smoothly.

Post time: Aug-02-2022
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