Is long-term use of beauty equipment good for the skin?

For beauty equipment, it is commonly used in beauty salons when doing beauty projects. Many customers tend to be more inclined when doing beauty projects. The operation of beauty equipment is good for the skin for those who use beauty equipment for a long time. ?

     In fact, long-term use of beauty equipment can cause facial skin damage. For many people nowadays, in order to make their skin look more beautiful, they will frequently go to beauty salons for beauty treatment. Especially in recent years, home beauty equipment has appeared. More and more customers are following it, but is it really good for the skin to use the beauty instrument frequently for a long time? Today, Enhai will take everyone to the instrument to learn some little knowledge about the beauty instrument that you don’t know!

     What are the functions of the beauty instrument?

The beauty instrument is a kind of equipment that makes the skin soothed, cleansed, and absorbs skin care products based on physical manipulation. The beauty instrument is mainly divided into large-scale hospital beauty instruments and hand-held home beauty instruments. The function of the beauty instrument is facial lymphatic detoxification, skin rejuvenation, whitening, lightening of spots, tightening of skin, and acne operations. Lifting and improving the sagging skin of the face, diminishing nasolabial lines, forehead lines, eye lines, removing dark bags, dark circles, etc., The operation effect on the broken cracks at the neck is remarkable.

     What are the hazards of frequent use of beauty equipment?

There are many types of beauty instruments, some of which are cleaning factors. If we often use clean beauty instruments to export the skin or use a hair brush to brush the skin, it is easy to brush off the sebum film, then in this case The skin becomes sensitive and even tingling. So if it is other optoelectronic products, it is also recommended not to use too much, just moderate. Use it about two to three times or once or twice a week to prevent excessive stretching of the skin when overuse, which may cause skin sensitivity or injury.

     For beauty instruments, each instrument has a different method of use. If you operate according to the method of use of the instrument, it will not harm the skin. However, if you use the beauty instrument in the wrong way, such as using a radio frequency beauty instrument If the gel is not used in accordance with the requirements, it will stimulate the surface of the skin and damage the surface of the skin. In addition, if the beauty device is used too frequently, it will damage the stratum corneum of the skin and form sensitive muscles.

Post time: Jul-19-2021
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