Skin management weight loss device?

Regarding sculpting, it is possible for beauty salons to carry out beauty projects, and when beauty salons choose, Enhai beauty equipment manufacturers can bring good sculpting and beauty projects to beauty salons!
A large section of the body management system of skin management is shaping. It is different from traditional beauty salon shaping in that it achieves rapid shaping effect through high-quality instrument operation. At present, there are three types of sculpting instruments used by skin managers in the beauty market. They are all certified non-invasive body sculpting instruments, namely Thermoplastic Ulisu and Kusu freezing lipolysis. All are non-invasive body sculpting and beauty equipment. But what is the difference between their operating principles and effects?
Thermoplastic is to crush fat cells by heat source, Kusu freeze lipolysis is to freeze fat cells at low temperature, and U-Li Plastic is to directly shatter fat cells through sound wave force transmission. The three belong to the plastic project and all Have been certified. So we can rest assured in terms of coefficients and effects, so the next thing we have to consider is customer satisfaction.
Thermoplastics are often used in beauty salons, and Thermoplastics can bring customers to the beauty salons when operating the shaping projects.
1 thermoforming = 10 ordinary shaping instruments! Thermoplastic will emit a kind of sonic energy used by the focused sonic system, which can automatically lock the subcutaneous 1.3cm fat layer without damaging the skin and surrounding tissues, and convert the sound waves into a heat source. In a single operation, it can Long-term lysis of fat cells.
Thermoplastic advantages:
1. Technology does not damage the epidermis and nerve tissue
The shock wave energy generated by focused sound waves can target and smash fat cells within a controllable depth range. It has also been confirmed in the academic research literature published in the past that Ulisu can immediately destroy fat according to the principle of operation Cells, without damaging blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues at all.
2. Unique real-time tracking and guidance system
Thermoplastic uses a unique real-time tracking and guidance system to show the body curve in 3D to ensure that the energy is consistent and completely applied to the operating part, which can greatly reduce the common negative effects after liposuction, such as unevenness, bruises, and redness. The problem occurs.
3. Long-lasting effect—aim at and smash fat cells omnidirectionally
Thermoplastic, a high-tech instrument that has been scientifically proven to selectively and immediately destroy fat cells in a non-invasive manner.
Thermoplastic is quite different from other non-invasive body sculpting treatments that can only metabolize lymba to increase lymba drainage. Those treatments can only reduce the volume of fat cells, but cannot destroy and reduce the number of fat cells. Therefore, the effect is short-lived and requires a continuous course of treatment. Thermoplastics can destroy fat cells in the operation site and carry out Lymba metabolism, so the effect is long-term and long-lasting.

Post time: Jun-21-2021
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