The best way to use ultrasound beauty instrument

There is the best way to use ultrasound beauty.

1.Clean the facial skin, and then steam the face with a sprayer for ten minutes.

2.Use suitable astringent to pat all parts of the face gently until it is absorbed, so that the skin can be disinfected thoroughly and protected optimally.

3.Apply the essence evenly on the face, subject to the flexible rotation of the voice head during operation.

4.Turn on the power, select the appropriate output socket, and connect the ultrasound probe.

5.Press the power switch to adjust the power level.

6.Adjust the appropriate time, generally 10 minutes.

7.Adjust the waveform, select continuous wave or pulse wave as required.

There are instructions for ultrasonic beauty.

When using it, test whether it is connected to the instrument first, and after opening a few drops of water on the ultrasonic probe, if there is a response, it means that the connection is correct.

1. Clean facial skin before doing ultrasound.

2. Apply enough cream before opening the sound head to prevent it from burning out.

3. When the knobs are adjusted to zero or the energy output lights are all off, the probe has no energy output.

4. The acoustic head cannot output ultrasonic energy for more than 30 minutes for a long time without performing cosmetic operations, so as to prevent the acoustic head from overheating and damage.

5. Clean the probe after the ultrasound is done.

Post time: Jul-30-2020
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