The functional effect of ultra picosecond laser beauty equipment!

Ultra picosecond is to apply laser to the operating part. The shorter the pulse width of the laser, the stronger the instantaneous energy and the less likely it is to diffuse the energy around. The energy can smash the pigment to a large extent, so as to achieve the purpose of improving skin tone and removing spots. .

1. Super picoseconds have stronger ability to destroy pigments

If traditional laser stain removal is to crush large stones by hand; then super picoseconds are agents’ high-quality weapons that can beat pigments into fine sand.

2. Ultra picosecond heat has low damage and small negative effects

If the traditional laser strikes with random punches, it is likely to kill the teacher and hurt the innocent by punching; while the ultra-picosecond is to hold a high-quality weapon and hit the target directly, causing little damage to the surroundings.

Ultra picosecond laser relief can be improved for the skin. Not only can it shrink pores, but it can also alleviate skin problems such as pigmentation, acne, tattoos, and wrinkles. Pigments mainly include chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburns, Ota moles, etc.; acne pits and acne can also be dealt with; black, purple, green, blue and other color tattoos can be solved by ultra picosecond laser freckle.

What are the super picosecond functions? What problems can the ultra picosecond laser solve? It can remove chloasma, coffee spots, freckles, sunburns, Ota moles, etc., as well as acne marks and mild acne scars. It can also remove unwanted tattoos.

How many operations does it take in picoseconds to achieve the effect? Ultra-picosecond laser removal of stains and tattoos generally requires about 3-4 operations. This is because the level and duration of the pigments are different, which will affect the operation effect. Generally, it takes 3-4 times to remove them completely.

How often does the super picosecond laser do it? The interval between ultra-picosecond lasers is 3-6 months. It is more suitable for the natural growth of skin to do picosecond laser once every six months. Ultra picosecond can be done for a long time, but the interval cannot be less than 6 months, because after each ultra picosecond laser operation, new cell growth is restored, and stable and continuous renewal after new cell growth, the effect is at least about two years Therefore, before the new cell tissue is fully grown and renewed, harming the subcutaneous cells again will bring a lot of harm and side effects.

Post time: Jul-26-2021
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