Ultrasound Skin Care

Ultrasonic skin care is a beauty method that uses sound waves to act on the skin.When an object vibrates mechanically, dense elastic waves are generated in the air and sound in the ears.

Generally, the vibration number is between 16-16000HZ. When it exceeds 16000HZ, the mechanical vibration wave that cannot cause normal hearing is ultrasonic.

It is a kind of wave form transmitted by a special instrument that can be transmitted to the surrounding medium alternately. It has more powerful energy than ordinary sound waves. It has the characteristics of high frequency, good directionality, strong penetrating ability, and high tension. When ultrasound is applied to the skin, it will strengthen skin blood circulation and promote metabolism.

There are the functions of the ultrasound importer.

There is mechanical effect. The energy provided by ultrasound will cause cell vibration, which will change the skin cells to achieve the purpose of beauty.

There is warming effect. The sound energy of ultrasound can be converted into heat energy, which is a kind of endogenous heat that does not feel to the skin to achieve the purpose of beauty.

There is physical and chemical effects.The resulting polymerization and depolymerization reactions can penetrate the skin effectively to increase the efficacy of the drug.

It can be used for the in-depth introduction of various daily skin care products, the introduction of pre-mask essence, the introduction of eye creams, eye masks, etc.

Post time: Jul-28-2020
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