What are the benefits of hair removal in spring?

The growth cycle of hair is divided into three stages: growth period, static period, retreat period. As far as the growth cycle of hair itself is concerned, the general hair removal requires 3-6 times of treatment. So what are the benefits of hair removal in spring?

Convenient care

The weather in summer is hot, the skin sweats more oil, it is not easy to care, and the spring climate is pleasant, which is more convenient for skin repair.

Sufficient time

The entire course of hair removal takes 2-3 months. The hair removal is now done, and it is just finished in summer! At that time, other talents began to spend a lot of money to get rid of hair. You are already a smooth girl, you can wear short clothes to show a slippery skin!

Good hair removal effect

After the strong ultraviolet irradiation in summer, the skin will become black. I don’t like the skin of black magpies, I don’t know the laser and don’t like it. When there are many skin pigments, laser energy will be taken away a small part, and the hair removal effect is not good. In spring, the weather is not cold or hot. It is just right, and the hair removal effect is better!

Worry -free

Pay special attention to sun protection after hair removal. The impact of ultraviolet rays in spring is less. The sun protection problem after hair removal will be much easier. At the same time, we need to pay attention to sun protection after hair removal. In spring, we will not only have weak ultraviolet strength, but also wearing. I went to a lot of sunscreen.

How does the beauty salon remove hair?

I freezing hair removal is currently a relatively convenient and stable laser hair removal method. Unlike traditional chemistry and external forces, it is a new medical beauty hair removal technology.

Based on the principle of selective light thermal action and freezing semiconductor laser laser hair removal instrument, the laser penetrates the skin surface selected by the melanin particles in the hair and hair follicles, keeping the hair follicles a certain temperature, and gently make the hair follicles and surrounding stem cells lose activity, reaching to reach The purpose of hair removal.

Post time: Mar-16-2023
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