What are the commonly used hair removal equipment in spring beauty salons?

Summer is coming, and the girls who love beauty are preparing to wear beautiful skirts again, but the fluffy hair becomes a big obstacle, and with it, more and more girls go to beauty salons in the spring. Therefore, spring has also become the peak season for beauty salons to remove hair. Today, Enhai will take a look at the hair removal equipment in the beauty equipment industry, and tell you what hair removal equipment is there?

     1. opt freezing point dehairing instrument

     The opt hair removal instrument is a classic in hair removal, and it is also a relatively well-known freezing point hair removal instrument, which is a little progress from the previous photon hair removal instrument technology. When opt hair removal, strong pulsed light is used, and the pulse width can be adjusted in a wide range. It can be used to remove hair of different colors, depths, and thicknesses of the human body. The principle of light and heat acts on the pigments in the pores to heat the pores. The tissue is damaged and it is no longer suitable for hair growth to achieve the purpose of long-term hair removal. This instrument can do not only freezing point hair removal, but also a number of beauty items, such as skin rejuvenation, light spots, light red xue silk, light wrinkles, etc., the effect is very good, it is a practical and multifunctional hair removal device , Is also a beauty equipment commonly used in beauty salons.

2. E-ray hair removal equipment

     Previously, it was all large-scale hair removal equipment in beauty salons. The price was relatively cheap and there were many items that could be done. Hair removal, light spot removal, red xue silk removal, and skin rejuvenation were all possible. It was really economical and practical. There is no advantage in hair removal now. Hair removal will cause obvious pain, which is unacceptable to many customers. The operation also requires technology. For beauticians and customers, the hair removal process is more tormenting, so now the beauty salon is large. Basically, the hair removal instruments are replaced with opt freezing point hair removal instruments.

3. Laser hair removal equipment

     At present, the most advanced type of laser hair removal equipment does not have the stimulation of traditional laser equipment. It is painless and has no freezing point. The semiconductor laser operation is a more reliable hair removal technology. It is a hair removal equipment available for sensitive skin. Lip hair, armpit hair, bikinis and other sensitive hairs are removed using a high-energy dehairing laser. More than 90% of the pores can absorb enough heat to destroy them, and the hair removal effect is cleaner. Generally, after 2-5 times of operation of the hair removal device, the effect of long-term hair removal can be achieved. The hair removal has the effect of shrinking pores and skin rejuvenation. This is an effect that a small household hair removal device will not have.

Post time: Jul-19-2021
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