What can be done in the beauty salon health program?

Regarding health preservation, it is a popular beauty project in the beauty industry. For beauty salons, it is also considered when choosing health equipment. For beauty salons, what are the health preservation projects that can be done?

 1. Moxibustion physiotherapy

     Moxibustion physiotherapy can be said that every beauty salon will have a health care instrument. For beauty salons, moxibustion physiotherapy can perform health care when choosing a health care instrument. Whether it is a beauty salon or a health center, you can prepare a health care device. .

 2. Meridian health equipment

     Meridian health equipment is also a health equipment that many beauty salons will choose when operating health projects. The meridian health equipment is based on the theory of the meridian physiotherapy instrument combined with traditional theories, and is carefully summarized and created by the use of Tuina and Ammo techniques. This kind of medical technology, during operation, the hands are electrified, the meridian point xue is circulated on the customer, the blood flow is driven by electric pulses, the xue fluid is circulated, and the function of the human organs is stimulated and adjusted by hand, and the balance of yin and yang of the human body is adjusted, so that the human body is never healthy The state is adjusted to a healthy state.

3. Magnetic therapy health equipment

     The magnetic therapy regimen is also a health regimen that the beauty salon will choose when choosing a health regimen. The magnetic therapy regimen makes the temperature of the tissue rise rapidly from the inside to the outside, the heating part is uniform, the inflammation is absorbed, and the pain relief effect is good. The effect is relatively good. At the same time, due to the penetration of biological tissues by the health-preserving instrument, coupled with the corresponding physiotherapy operation head for irradiation, it can improve local blood circulation, increase metabolic processes, and attract local tissue nutrients, which can make leukocyte phagocytosis faster and improve tissue regeneration.

For beauty salons, when choosing health care equipment, you can choose Enhai health care equipment manufacturers, and when the health care project is in progress, it is possible for the beauty salon to carry out the health care project *, health care is relatively extensive in the beauty industry. In the beauty industry, when choosing health care equipment, you can choose Enhai Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out health care projects.

Post time: Aug-28-2021
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