What is a hair removal device?

Hair removal device is an effective method of hair removal. The semiconductor laser hair removal system adopts a gold standard laser with a wavelength of nm. Adhering to all its advantages and characteristics, it creatively upgrades and integrates laser technology, so that while improving the efficiency of hair removal, the laser output energy is more uniform, and the cooling comfort is further improved. While the failure rate of the instrument is greatly reduced, its service life is improved, the operating hand tools are lighter, and the hair removal efficiency is improved.

Principles of Hair Removal

The hair removal device makes full use of the principle of laser photopyrolysis. After the rich melanin tissue in the hair follicle absorbs a large amount of laser energy, the temperature rises sharply. While destroying the melanin tissues such as hair follicles and hair shafts, it uses the principle of thermal diffusion to treat the hair follicles. The supporting tissues of the surrounding stem cells are all thermally damaged without causing damage to the adjacent tissues, fundamentally preventing the resurrection and growth of the hair, thereby removing the hair.

Hair removal is for hair of different cycles

1) The nm laser is applied to the skin surface. The laser penetrates the skin to the point where the melanin concentration of the hair is high.

2) The light is converted into heat energy, and the hair rod and most of the hair evaporate instantly. Then the high temperature acts on the hair, which also destroys the follicular epithelium, and the upper part of the hair disappears.

3) The hair cycle is divided into three stages-growth phase, decay phase and dormant phase. The hair follicles in the growth period contain more melanin, and the hair follicles have a good depilation effect at this stage, but only 10-20% of the hair is in the growth period, so the hair needs to be removed according to the course of treatment. In the anagen phase, the melanin in the hair follicle is decreasing, and in the resting phase, there is no melanin in the hair follicle. Therefore, laser hair removal should be done at intervals of time and several times, so that the hair can be targeted at all periods and the results will be more satisfactory.

Advantages of semiconductor hair removal

1. Semiconductor laser: fast-reliable.

2. Stability: nm semiconductor laser has stable performance and long service life; it adopts intelligent microprocessor for real-time control.

3. Fast: 12*12mm square large spot, large area hair removal, high efficiency and fast speed.

4. Effective: nm laser wavelength, in the near-infrared (0.75~1.50μm) region of the spectrum, good melanin absorption, can penetrate the deep layer of needle skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, and act on different parts and depths of hair.

5. Comfortable: Sapphire cooling can cool the epidermis to 0~4℃. Cooling throughout the whole process, feels right and painless.

6. Convenience: The intuitive and easy-to-operate man-machine interface-touch screen, is convenient and quick to operate.

7. Hair removal: suitable for hair of various skin types, with good hair removal effect

Post time: May-24-2021
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