What is a microdermabrasion machine?

The dermabrasion machine is a machine mainly used by licensed dermatologists and plastic surgeons to repair the skin surface. It is also called a surgical skin planer. The working principle of this machine is to remove the epidermis or skin surface layer. It should not be confused with a microdermabrasion machine; a microdermabrasion machine also has a similar effect, but it does not exfoliate the dermis like a microdermabrasion machine; a tissue used to remove scars caused by severe acne. Different manufacturers have different designs of grinding machines, but the main component of any grinding machine is the grinding wheel or brush. When the dermatologist or plastic surgeon turns on the machine, the wheel or brush is attached to a rod that rotates at high speed. The abrasive surface of the wheel or brush will shed skin cells as it rotates. Such a skin grinding machine can work very similar to a drill with sandpaper. The microdermabrasion machine can also be used to remove moles. The microdermabrasion machine does not use rotating rods, wheels and brushes like the microdermabrasion machine, but blows crystals (usually diamonds) onto the customer’s face. It can remove enough skin cells to improve the overall appearance and treat minor blemishes, but not enough to eliminate major blemishes. Microdermabrasion machines are mainly used by dermatologists who generally don’t buy such machines from dermatologists, and these machines are mainly sold for dermatologists, hospitals and plastic surgery clinics. Only people who have received skin dermabrasion training can operate the machine and perform dermabrasion surgery. In contrast, the micro-dermabrasion machine can also be used in spa treatments and even at home. A primary benefit of using a skin grinder is that it goes deeper into the skin than a micro grinder, so it is effective for certain types of scars. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists also recommend the use of a microdermabrasion machine to treat intractable wrinkles, liver spots and other skin defects. A person only needs to use the microdermabrasion machine once a year. Compared with the six or more treatments required by the microdermabrasion machine, using the microdermabrasion machine has certain risks. Infection is a problem in the treatment area because the dermis, the protective layer that removes the top layer of the skin, is exposed to the environment. Microdermabrasion can sometimes leave scars during the healing process of the skin. This process may also cause uneven skin color or darkening. The skin discoloration caused by the use of a microdermabrasion machine is sometimes permanent, but it is usually not permanent. Certain parts of the skin are not suitable for treatment with a skin grinder, because the skin grinder can remove many skin cells. Such as the back of the neck, which can easily leave scars. People must use other skin treatments on these areas. Microdermabrasion is also more expensive than mild alternatives (such as home chemical peeling). However, according to the proponents of this procedure, the correct use of the microdermabrasion machine can improve the appearance of the skin by 20-50%. Microdermabrasion can be used to reduce the appearance of surface wrinkles.

side effect:

Sensitive skin that is dull and rough due to damage to the stratum corneum

This type of sensitive skin has insufficient moisture and oil content, and naturally cannot form a healthy sebum film. The unhealthy keratinocytes are shrunk and dull due to lack of water, and the skin will of course appear dull and rough visually.

Neglect of postoperative care after receiving laser and dermabrasion surgery

After various dermabrasion dermatology operations, the surface of the skin becomes very thin. Surgery will cause inflammation inside the skin and accelerate skin renewal. Therefore, if the moisturizing work is not in place, or if it is directly exposed to ultraviolet light, it will undoubtedly be exposed to the outside environment in a defenseless state after peeling the skin. The recovery speed of the skin protective film slows down, the inflammation continues, and of course the skin becomes sensitive.

Long-term exposure of the skin to UV rays

In addition to generating vitamin D that is beneficial to the skin, ultraviolet rays are the enemy of no harm to the skin, and the main culprit of skin aging. It can cause dry skin, inflammatory reactions and damage the skin barrier function, and at the same time increase skin sensitivity. possibility. Especially in spring, when the amount of ultraviolet rays begin to gradually increase, and after midsummer, skin that has been exposed to strong ultraviolet rays tends to become more sensitive during these two seasons.

Exfoliate more than three times a week

Excessive exfoliation will cause the overall destruction of the skin’s barrier function. When the stratum corneum falls off abnormally and quickly, the damaged skin will accelerate the production of keratinocytes in order to restore its health, causing the stratum corneum to thicken and even the skin feels rough. If you think that the stratum corneum is too thick and exfoliate frequently again, the result Instead, it will form a vicious circle, so it is best to “let it go” for the keratin of sensitive skin, or use mild enzyme products to help exfoliate the keratin.

Like massage, sauna, long bathing, hot yoga

Although massage is an action that helps to discharge waste from the skin, frequent or long-term sauna, long-term bathing and other activities will expose the skin to high temperature for a long time. Excessive sweat secretion will dry the skin and increase pores. . At the same time, heat will promote the expansion of capillaries, the skin will become red after being stimulated, and the face will become sensitive. You need to pay attention.

Post time: Apr-12-2021
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