What is photoelectric beauty? What are the photoelectric beauty equipment?

Photoelectric cosmetology is a project between traditional cosmetology and medical cosmetology. It does not take medicine or surgery. It uses “sound, light, electricity, water, and oxygen” to combine with the world’s best beauty equipment. According to the customer’s body, age, skin quality and other conditions, we conduct detailed analysis, and customize the beauty plan to achieve continuous anti-aging and beauty in the sense.
Simply put, it is to use reliable beauty equipment to carry out photoelectric beauty projects to meet the needs of guests for their own beauty. The advantage of the photoelectric project is to save time, fast-food beauty will be a trend, the immediate effect is obvious, and the high-tech beauty method will give customers a different feeling.
What are the common photoelectric beauty equipment?
1. Ultrasonic knife
The ultrasonic knife uses the focusing effect of sound waves to penetrate the skin point by point to stimulate the production and reorganization of collagen to form a new collagen fiber network to achieve the effect of lifting and tightening, the skin is elastic, and wrinkles disappear.
2. Hot Lati
Heat lifting can heat the skin from the three aspects of superficial, middle and deep skin by focusing on radio frequency to ensure the rapid production of collagen and restore fullness and elasticity to the skin.
3. Thermage
Thermage is mainly aimed at the anti-aging of the skin layer, and the principle is relatively easy to understand. The radio frequency energy stimulates the skin collagen fibers, which means that the heat source is transferred to the skin, and the thermal effect is used to stimulate the skin and skin contraction and live recovery, so as to achieve tightening and lifting. The effect of pulling.
① Crowd division
Thermage is suitable for skin tightening, suitable for skin without any major problems, generally suitable for young girls who want to do skin care.
Ultrasonic scalpel is suitable for older girls, especially those with obvious facial wrinkles, looseness and sagging, and those who need facial lifting.
Relati is suitable for people who are in the early ages, who want to do facial tightening and lifting, and those who have anti-aging needs for 30-year-olds.
②Does it hurt?
Ultrasonic knife> Remaggie> Relati, fairies who are afraid of pain must be mentally prepared! In order to be beautiful, this pain is nothing, because you are a fairy.

Post time: Jun-21-2021
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