What is the cause of thin stratum corneum on the face?

1. Frequent use of hormone makeup products, or facial cleanser with exfoliating, and the skin keratin gradually falls off, which will cause the skin keratin to become thinner.
2. Excessive cleaning the face. If you wash your face or soap frequently, the oil that protects the skin’s keratin is cleaned too clean, and the keratin will gradually become thinner.
The stratum corneum is relatively thin. What are the phenomena?
1. Dry skin: The stratum corneum has the function of locking water. When the stratum corneum becomes thinner, the moisture on the surface of the skin is more likely to lose and evaporate. Essence
2. Skin red blood: The skin surface is rich in and densely capillary. When the stratum corneum becomes thinner, due to the shallow surface of the capillaries, it can be observed through the skin, which shows that the skin has a lot of red blood wire. In addition, when the stratum corneum becomes thinner, it can be accompanied by local capillaries, which will also lead to more red blood on the skin surface.
3. Skin sensitivity: The stratum corneum is the outermost layer of the epidermis, which can protect the subcutaneous tissue. When the stratum corneum becomes thinner, the skin barrier function is damaged, and the resistance to the outside world becomes weakened. The influence is mainly manifested by the skin’s prone to irritating pain, itching, and being prone to repeated allergies. Mild stimulation such as ultraviolet rays, pollen, dust, etc. can cause skin allergies.
4. Others: When the stratum corneum becomes thinner, skin aging is prone to occur. In addition, at this time, the skin is vulnerable to the abnormal factors of the outside world, and pigmentation may also occur to form pigmentation.
How to repair the stratum corneum?
People with thin keratin need to repair the skin barrier function and reduce various stimuli. Under the guidance of a professional doctor, you need to reasonably use skin care products or drugs. Remember not to abuse or use skin care products and medicine Essence
Laser, fruit acid, salicylic acid and other methods can be used for repair. These methods are relatively fast, and the effect is good. During the repair period, be sure to avoid direct sunlight. When going out, do sunscreen work to avoid using irritating cosmetics or skin care products.

Post time: Mar-31-2023
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