What is the difference between OPT, 360 magneto-optical, DPL, and 808 laser hair removal devices?

Difference contrast


1. The principle is different:

Magneto-optical 360

The hallmark effect is magneto-optical hair removal: using strong pulsed light to selectively act on melanocytes, and act on the feeding and repairing tissues in the hair follicles, leading to the destruction of hair energy absorption and repairing ability, which can be achieved without damaging normal skin. Hair removal effect.


OPT pulse light


The principle is that strong pulsed light acts on the skin tissue to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, rearrange the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep part of the skin, and at the same time enhance the function of blood vessels, eliminate or reduce facial skin wrinkles, and reduce pores; at the same time, it can also The hair shaft and the hair in the hair follicle absorb strong pulsed light to generate heat to the hair follicle. The temperature of the hair follicle rises rapidly and necrosis, so as to achieve the effect of long-term hair removal.


808 Semiconductor Hair Removal Apparatus is a diode laser instrument that uses a 15mmX15mm wide light irradiation area. The high-power 808nm wavelength laser is combined with a refrigeration system to improve the energy transmission effect. During operation, the skin tissue damage will also be minimized.


2. The difference between energy sources


 Magneto-optical 360 and OPT are quite similar in principle, both belong to strong pulsed light, but in fact, because the working power of Magneto-optical 360 is an active Q-switching power supply that is stronger than an ordinary power supply of OPT, the luminous body of the working head light source outputs energy efficiency. It is stronger than the ordinary xenon lamp on the OPT working head, and its service life is longer than that of OPT. The output energy and spectral purity of the two swords of the power supply and the luminous body are much higher than that of the traditional OPT, so compared to the OPT in the same energy Under the condition of output, the patient’s pain* has a more effective hair removal efficiency.

3. The difference in instrument technology


DPL quasi-light technology


DPL uses a specially designed crystal to convert the traditional photon spectrum into the yellow-green spectrum, and then uses an ultra-narrowband filter to filter out the stray spectrum, and the output is highly concentrated and pure quasi-light. It is currently the most advanced international skin rejuvenation. Technology is also a new generation of photons in the beauty market.


Compared with other traditional photons, the DPL* selective photothermal action principle, combined with the magnetic properties of the magneto-optical system, realizes the optimal absorption of light intensity by the target tissue, greatly improves the photothermal selectivity, and breaks through the skin rejuvenation of traditional photons. Get a more accurate and effective skin rejuvenation effect.


OPT intense pulsed light technology


Everyone knows that OPT is a kind of photon, and it is an upgraded version of photon rejuvenation such as E light. OPT strong pulse technology is ideal at a certain level, but the dual system of magneto-optical 360 is an upgrade of the function of OPT strong pulsed light system. This version breaks through the original shortcomings of OPT’s lack of longitude accuracy and magnetic properties of the light source wavelength.

Compared with traditional OPT, Magneto-optical 360 can achieve the best skin rejuvenation and hair removal, dual-mode operation: it can be quickly swiped or fixed-point operation, free switching, more at will!

Semiconductor freezing point hair removal instrument: wavelength 810-808nm (belonging to the gold standard)


Alexandrite Hair Removal Device: Wavelength 755nm (belonging to no refrigeration)


OPT and 360 freezing point meter: wavelength 560-1200nm (wider light wave)


   The wavelength difference between the three, the number of treatments are also different. 810 semiconductor freezing point hair removal times 3-5 times is OK, while OPT and 360 freezing point hair removal times are too many, it takes 6-10 times to be able to even some low-cost freezing point equipment, some people Hair that has been shed for a year is still growing, and the refrigeration system is not enough, often during the operation, there are dark spots and pigmentation on the operation part, which directly leads to the loss of most of the customers

5. Different effects


     The 810 semiconductor hair removal instrument achieves the effect of fast sliding hair removal, contact cooling, no pain during operation, and the hair absorption rate and depth are in an ideal state, the hair removal effect is good, no side effects OPT and 360 freezing point instrument, the domestic use rate is high , High configuration, good cooling, also contact cooling, large light spot, wide light wave, absorbed by a variety of epidermal tissues, slow absorption by the target tissue, so the number of operations will be longer, no side effects


6. Different instrument cost performance


   The 810 semiconductor device is a focused hair removal device, and the price is relatively expensive, so basically large beauty salons and beauty hospitals buy this type of freezing point device. DPL and 360 instruments are multi-functional instruments. One instrument can carry out multiple projects, such as whitening and removing yellow, acne, red blood streak, and pigment.–Multi-purpose machine, high cost performance, very advantageous, high, medium and low beauty salons Because of the cost problem, the nail art and eyelash studio basically bought this kind of equipment in the early stage.

Post time: May-17-2021
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