What is the small suction of small bubbles?

Small bubbles are common skin management instruments for beauty salons. The principle is to use super small bubbles to clean and exfoliate the skin. Small bubbles are about 10 microns. Use nano -level bubbles to generate vacuum circuits through vacuum negative pressure. The oil and fat, thereby reaching deep cleansing, discharged oils and mites attached to the surface of the skin to maintain unobstructed pores.

The use rate of small bubbles is very high, and it may encounter problems such as less suction and no suction. What is the reason?

Small bubble suction power:

First adjust the airflow regulating valve to the maximum trial. If not, the next step,

Water pipe water pipes with small air bubbles cause:

Remember to clean up the impurities in the pipeline when using it, or change the tube.

The air pump may be aging:

There are problems inside the small bubble machine. You need to disassemble the shell and detect the problem of internal air pumps and pneumatic air roads. This step is recommended to contact the professional maintenance of the master of the beauty instrument to operate, or remote guidance.

Filter element blocking:

Small bubbles have been used for a long time, and the first three -level filter element will be blocked. At this time, replace the filter element.

The problem of small air bubble suction is roughly the problems of regulating valves, trachea, air pumps, and filter bottles. As long as you check it step by step, you can find the problem.

Some friends are roughly the following points after finishing small bubbles:

1. Customers are more sensitive, wounds or inflammation, and are not suitable for small bubbles or avoid these areas.

2. After small bubble management, the small bubble solution is not cleaned up, and there is residual acid in the skin and hair follicles caused by continued to corrode the skin.

3. Some customers are allergic to small bubble solution components, like salicylic acid allergies.

4. Improper operation, the small bubbles are too large, the operation time is too long, and the skin is absorbed.

Post time: Mar-16-2023
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